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How does the Tunable A-Flex Suspension system work for adjusting the flex of the boot?

The Tunable A-Flex Suspension system allows for three different boot flex settings. You can adjust the flex to your liking by installing one of three different flex elastomers provided with each pair of boots. A tool to make this adjustment (an Apex hex wrench) is included with each pair of boots. You can also use a hex wrench of your choosing to complete this adjustment. The flex elastomers are color coded for ease: green is softest, blue is medium, and black is stiffest. The blue or medium flex elastomer is installed as the default. But, you can easily adjust 10 points stiffer or 10 points softer by inserted a different flex elastomer. Please view the instructional video here: for further information.

2017/2018 Boots:
Boot Model Tri-Level flex rating
XP 115/125/135
XP-L 95/105/115
HP 95/105/115
HP-L 75/85/95
2016/2017 Boots:
Boot Model Tri-Level flex rating
XP 110/120/130
MC-X 105/115/125
MC-2 95/105/115
ML-3 90/100/110