About Us

Based in Golden, Colorado, Apex Sports Group was co-founded in 2006 by ski industry veteran, Roger Neiley, formerly Product and Brand Manager for Raichle Molitor USA, Director of Winter Sports for Quicksilver, and General Manager of Product Development with Flow Sports. Our boot system blends the comfort, fit and warmth of a snowboard boot into a revolutionary Open-Chassis™ design that is unlike anything on the market. Our independently-owned company is dedicated to providing premium quality and innovative products to skiers everywhere.


You can demand performance, comfort, warmth and walkability.

An over-lapping plastic shell. An inner boot. A foot bed. Four Buckles. A few bells and whistles. Most ski boots today are very much the same now, as they were thirty years ago. Skis on the other hand, have undergone dramatic improvements and continue to evolve (as have poles, goggles, helmets, apparel…), while boots remain virtually unchanged. Technological advancements have been made in all other aspects of our lives, yet there has been no real innovation in ski boots until the Apex Ski Boot System was introduced a couple of years ago.

Apex is the first ski boot designed to optimize the performance advantages of today's modern-shaped skis and evolving skiing technique. The Apex Ski Boot System was developed by industry experts who have extensive experience with ski boots and technical footwear. They’ve applied an array of new technologies and innovative ideas to ski boots to create a unique system now known as the Apex Ski Boot System. Apex designs are Patent-Pending.


Snowboard boots have always featured a flexible exterior and comfort that no ski boot could offer. Snowboarders could walk comfortably to the lift, perform all day on the mountain, and never worry about having cold, cramped or painfully uncomfortable feet. Watching this scene play out over the last twenty five years inspired a boot that affords skiers the same combination of performance, comfort, and incredible warmth on the slopes, paired with easy walkability and solid traction off of the slopes.

The Walkable Support Boot incorporates a heat moldable, Custom Fit Liner that promotes a natural foot position. A Dual Zone Boa Closure System® is added for infinite on-the-fly adjustment that will not loosen during the day no matter how hard you ski. Apex provides all day warmth and comfort so you can focus on getting the most out of your skiing experience.



The heart of the system, the Open-Chassis™ allows for independent control of fit, flex, and closure. The adjustable cuff alignment provides critical edge control. The tunable A-flex suspension system allows for individual adjustment of the resistance to forward lean. The Open-Chassis™ gives the Apex Ski Boot System its exceptional edge control, precise feel, and unique versatility, fitting a wide range of foot shapes.

The Apex Ski Boot System

The holy grail of skiing is a boot that has it all: performance at the highest level in any terrain. Comfort and warmth from start to finish. The ability to walk easily and safely. A boot that doesn’t limit your ski day, but actually optimizes the actual performace of today's modern skis, enhances your skiing ability and overall skiing experience. Apex will exceed your expectations in every way. Demand it all!