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About Apex

Based at the foot of the Rockies in Golden, Colorado, Apex® was co-founded in 2006 by accomplished ski industry product designers, Roger Neiley and Denny Hanson.


Our innovative ski boot system finds its precision and high performance fit by integrating the BOA® Fit System’s state-of-the-art reel and steel lacing design coupled with our compact, light, and powerful outer chassis. These two essential components afford a fit unmatched in skiing and power transfer to the ski’s edge that will surprise even the most expert rippers.


Our independently-owned and skier-focused company is dedicated to providing premium design, performance, optimized fit, and industry-leading product support to skiers of all levels, on all terrain, in all conditions.

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Until the Apex® Ski Boot System arrived in 2009, innovation in ski boot design was stagnant for decades and skiers paid the price in many ways we’re all too familiar with. Skis, on the other hand, underwent  dramatic improvements and continue to evolve (as have poles, goggles, helmets, apparel…), while boots remained virtually unchanged. Even the best skiers were handicapped by 30 year old 

boot technology driving new high tech skis.

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Keeping pace with innovation in ski design, Apex is the first ski boot designed to optimize the performance advantages of today's modern-shaped skis and evolving skiing techniques. Our system delivers maximum lateral power to the ski’s edge which is exactly where modern shaped skis respond best to pressure. 

This is achieved through its super-stiff chassis; reinforced by carbon fiber in the Antero VS model and glass fiber in the Crestone VS and Blanca VS models. Tens of thousands of skiers new to Apex are blown away by the performance characteristics of our boots. None of them will return to the bygone design of four buckle overlap hard shell boots. Check out our robust and passionate reviews across platforms online and read skiers’ enthusiasm for Apex boots in their own words.

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Apex’s innovative two-piece system also offers unparalleled mobility compared to traditional ski boots. The inner walking boots allow for freedom of movement all around the resort in ways previously unimaginable to skiers clunking around in stiff, heavy, and cold outer shells. No more struggling up and down stairs or across icy parking lots. Now access your favorite back bowl with speed and ease.

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We invite all skiers passing through Golden, CO to stop by our one-of-kind demo center to try our boots, buy our boots, or get a thorough introduction to how our technology will completely change how you see ski boots for the better. We can be found at major retailers throughout the country by searching our dealer locator on our website. We have industry-leading mobile demo centers in heavily-trafficked ski areas like Vail Valley and the Lake Tahoe region. We have a team of dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate Apex experts available by phone, email, or social media messaging to answer any nuanced question you may have about our rippin’ boots. We take our product support, education, and service as seriously as our groundbreaking design. Please reach out with further questions and we hope to talk and get you skiing in Apex this season! 


Introducing the all new Apex VS family. Our lightest, most powerful, most compact ski boot design ever, delivering our best performing ski boots to date.

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