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Blanca VS

Blanca VS

*NEW*  Women | All Mountain

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Flex Rating:
*out of the box

Heat Moldable Multi-Density Liner
Easy heat mold for an optimized fit

Upper Zone: H4 Coiler BOA® Fit System
Lower Zone: M+2 BOA® Fit System

Polycarbonate Buckles
Polycarbonate buckles are light and low profile

Optimizable Strap Adjustments
Micro and macro adjustments on all closures for a perfect fit

Powerful Bridge
Reinforced bridge for less sole flex and improved durability

Powerful Fiber Reinforced Chassis
Highly responsive glass fiber reinforced nylon cuff and chassis for lateral responsiveness

Optimizable Forward Lean
Four step self-locking forward lean adjustment for the right feel for your skiing

Forward Flex Options
Apex® Tri-flex three option forward flex adjustment for the perfect stiffness

Anatomical Female Cuff
Flared cuff to mirror female lower leg physiology and maximize comfort

Comfort+ Liner
Extra cushioning added to the liner and tongue for a pressure-free fit


It is our top priority at Apex to ensure that all Apex boot system skiers are satisfied. Our team will do everything we can to ensure your experience with our product meets and exceeds your expectations. More info here.

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  • Open Chassis

    The Open-Chassis is an innovative design that offers customizable flex independent of fit, along with stability and precise edge control
  • Walking Boot

    The Apex walking boot provides the superior mobility, comfort, and warmth of a snowboard boot that you can ski in all day long
  • BOA® Fit System

    BOA® delivers micro-adjustable, precision fit, engineered to perform in the toughest conditions


apex ski boots comparison chart apex ski boots comparison chart


Off-piste, backcountry, couloir, chutes, bumps, epic pow, variable snow conditions, back bowls, steep carvers - we’ve got you covered.

All Day Comfort,
For All Conditions

From first chair to last call, our state-of-the-art design will give you the mobility, comfort and warmth that no other boot on the planet can offer.

Trusted By The Pros

  • “They have all the performance you would need. They’re warm. You can move around easily in them. They’re convenient. There’s really no reason to not ski in Apex boots.”

    Freddy Mooney
    Canada Freestyle
    Ski Team Coach
  • “I tried it out and I was blown away…my usual line when people are skeptical about the stiffness and the performance and all the same things I was skeptical about, I tell them to come out and ski with me and usually they’re chasing me around and they’re sold by the end of the day.”

    Jess Platt
    Former Racer
    Vail Development Team, Program Coordinator
  • “There is not a boot in the world right now who can compete to the sensitiveness of getting from big toe to little toe. It is the quickest boot in the world.”

    Francois Nanin
    Managing Director
    Beaver Creek Resort

Approved By The Experts

apex ski boots - performance skiing 5 apex ski boots - performance skiing 5


Do Apex Ski Boots perform at an expert level?

Yes. We have thousands of experts in our system who enjoy our industry-leading design benefits while pushing their skiing harder than they have ever been able to. However, because of the comfort of our unique, lacing-based design our boots are well-suited for all skill levels from beginner to expert.

Are the Apex ski boots compatible with all alpine bindings?

Yes. Apex ski boots conform to international standard ISO 5355 which allow them to work with any alpine ski binding. We build our boots for alpine application so, please make sure you have alpine bindings to ensure proper interface

How durable are the BOA® Fit System dials and laces?

Despite their appearance, they are almost indestructible. The BOA System is a key component to countless outdoor footwear, medical applications, outdoor workplace footwear, and more. They are in every imaginable weather condition and hundreds of demanding uses. We assure you that the BOA System is very durable and reliable. In case you’re still concerned, all external parts are under a lifetime warranty.

Can I use the Apex walkable boot as a snowboard boot?

Yes, you can certainly use the Apex inner-walking boot as a snowboard boot. They will be on the stiffer end of the snowboard boot spectrum, which makes them very high-performing and are enjoyed by many skiers who snowboard as well.

What are the boot sole lengths of each Apex size?

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