My BOA® Dial broke, can I get a replacement?

Yes. The BOA® system and laces are guaranteed for the lifetime of the boots by the manufacturer, The BOA® System.

Depending on how quickly you need the replacement part, there are several options.

Apex will repair nearly all BOA® failure at our shop in Golden, CO. Please email or call us for assistance at 303-530-3340 or

If the need is not immediate, please visit the BOA® website at: for information on how to receive a replacement through their Warranty Department.

You may also be able to repair your BOA® system, depending on the severity of the problem. BOA® has several repair videos and instructions on the website:

If you are in need of immediate repair of your BOA® reel system, we suggest that you contact a local ski/board shop that is familiar with the BOA® system. Typically, a shop that carries snowboards and snowboard boots are very familiar with Boa, and it is typically is a very fast, easy, and inexpensive fix or replacement part. If the local shop does not happen to have a replacement, or they are not able to fix it, we would be able to send a replacement BOA® reel to the shop for overnight delivery so we can get you back out on the slopes as soon as possible.

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