Boot System

Boot System


Precise edge control

The signature component of the Apex Ski Boot System. The Open-Chassis™ is a unique design that offers customizable flex that is independent of fit, along with superior stability and precise edge control.

  • Lateral stiffness of chassis and cuff provide a direct connection to your skis, powerful energy transmission, and precise control
  • Tunable A-Flex Suspension™
  • Customizable flex and cuff alignment
  • Nanofiber-reinforced for lightweight, high-modulus support, and independent control of fit, flex, and closure
  • Designed to work optimize the performance of today's modern-shaped skis

2Walkable Boot

Warmth and comfort

Snowboard boots have always featured a soft exterior and comfort that no ski boot could offer. Snowboarders could perform all day on the mountain, and then walk around at the end of the day in the same boots and never worry about loosening them up. The Apex Walkable Support Boot provides the comfort and warmth of a snowboard boot that you can ski in all day long.

  • Separable from Open-Chassis™. Provides 360-degree support without pressure points
  • Full-traction outsole for getting to and from the mountain in comfort and safety
  • Locks into Chassis for a solid connection to your skis
  • Boa® Focus Closure System for an infinite range of adjustments and individualized fit
  • Encourages natural foot function and comfort. No foot distortion as in a traditional ski boot
Custom-Fit Liner

Custom-Fit Liner

Fit for you

A high-quality liner is critical to any ski boot. The Apex Custom-Fit liner can be heat molded and fit to meet your individual needs. Combined with the Walkable Support Boot, the Apex boot liner provides added warmth and comfort to enhance your ski experience.

  • Heat-moldable
  • Expanded neoprene toe-box
  • Lasted to allow for a natural foot position
Custom-Fit Liner

Boa® Closure System

Lock and go

The ongoing innovations in shaped ski technology require a new approach to ski boot design, fit, and function. Apex design incorporates the game-changing Boa® reel and stainless steel cable lacing system to provide precise control by locking your foot firmly into the heel pocket. Apex has developed an innovative ski boot engineered to take advantage of today’s modern skis, evolved to fit the way a modern ski boot should.

  • A powerful closure system with micro-adjustability to create a glove-like fit
  • Fit adjustments can be made quickly on the fly
  • Lightweight

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