PDP - Features - Blanca

Flex Rating:
*out of the box

Heat Moldable Multi-Density Liner
Easy heat mold for an optimized fit

Upper Zone: H4 Coiler BOA® Fit System
Lower Zone: M+2 BOA® Fit System

Polycarbonate Buckles
Polycarbonate buckles are light and low profile

Optimizable Strap Adjustments
Micro and macro adjustments on all closures for a perfect fit

Powerful Bridge
Reinforced bridge for less sole flex and improved durability

Powerful Fiber Reinforced Chassis
Highly responsive glass fiber reinforced nylon cuff and chassis for lateral responsiveness

Optimizable Forward Lean
Four step self-locking forward lean adjustment for the right feel for your skiing

Forward Flex Options
Apex® Tri-flex three option forward flex adjustment for the perfect stiffness

Anatomical Female Cuff
Flared cuff to mirror female lower leg physiology and maximize comfort

Comfort+ Liner
Extra cushioning added to the liner and tongue for a pressure-free fit